Welcome to Resultra

Resultra is an innovative tracking system for project tasks, action items, customer leads and similar types of business information. Resultra notably includes customized workflows, a form designer to customize how information is viewed and edited, and a dashboard designer for summary results.

The slideshow below illustrates a few of Resultra's main features. To see Resultra first-hand, be sure to check out our live demo.

  • Table view

    Tabular view of tracking information

  • Form View

    Form-based view of tracking information

  • Dashboard

    Summary results in dashboards

  • Form Designer

    Custom form designer

Rule-based Discretionary
Project Tracking

Rule-based discretionary project tracking is concerned with striking a balance between rules, which make a project more systematic and consistent, and discretionary decision making, which allows project stakeholders to be responsive to uncertainty and ever-changing business conditions. Resultra’s project tracking software is built around this mindset and methodology. In broad terms, the distinctions between rule-based and discretionary are the following:



  • Well-defined project management methodology (e.g.: Scrum, Agile, etc.)
  • Well-defined workflows
  • Risk assessments
  • Quantitative measurements (metrics)
  • Scorecards
  • Data-driven
  • Checklist driven
  • Thresholds
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Categories
  • Alerts
  • Summary results

  • Adapt the rules to specific projects
  • Manage risks
  • Prioritize and triage
  • Observe trends, patterns and anomalies
  • Qualitative assessments and ratings
  • Incorporate human judgement, experience, intuition and critical thinking
  • Estimate
  • Experiment with new techniques
  • Comment
  • Interpret results
  • Evolve the rules for new business conditions
  • Selectively override the rules
  • Conduct post-mortems to learn from mistakes and continuously improve

Key Features

Predefined Templates

Resultra comes with a number of predefined "factory templates" which help you quickly get started, or to serve as a starting point to further customize project tracking to your own needs. 

Calculated Fields

Resultra supports calculated fields with formulas similar to spreadsheets. Notably, calculated fields implement the custom logic for rules, and weighted averages for checklists or assessments.

"Tick by tick" Tracking

Every single change to tracking information is saved. Using this information, Resultra can alert you to changes, monitor trends or show summarized results at specific time intervals.


Flexible Customization

Almost everything in Resultra can be customized. For example, Resultra includes a custom form designer, custom fields and customizable alerts.

Next Steps

Resultra is an open source web application and is available for download and installation as a release from its Github repository. The software is designed to be run on a Linux server. To perform an installation, please refer to the installation guide on GitHub.

To see what Resultra looks like first hand, also be sure to check out the live demo.

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